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Our GemTouch® series includes Rock Crystal Day, Amethyst Night Cream, Rose Quartz Body Lotion and Black Tourmaline Body Spray. All products contain genuine gemstone powder. The magic touch of gemstones has never been so skin-close until now. Our cosmetic products have been tested and dermatologically and approved by the german Dermatest agency. Rock Crystal Day Cream and Rose Quartz Body Lotion both support improvement of skin circulation, tightening of subcellular tissue and skin moisturizing. Amethyst Night Cream supports skin regeneration, skin protection against environmental influences, prevention of skin aging and skin moisturizing. Black Tourmaline Spray protects against body odor and freshens the skin. Contact us for more information.
Gemstone Panels and Tiles
Mineral Days Exhibition, Munich Germany
Gemstone Tiles with Laser Etching Designs
"Woman Bathing" Laser Design on Granite Tiles
We produce and offer our illuminated Gemstone Panels
 as ambient lighting to the Wellness and Spas market 
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Natural Crystal Bath "Eucalyptus" Set
Natural Crystal Bath "Eucalyptus" Set


approx. 180g natural crystal salt granulate with eucalyptus oil

1 piece natural crystal bath sphere

Eucalyptus leaves

Organza Bag