Fountain Stones
We produce and craft our indoor/outdoor Floating Sphere Fountains (FSF) and Fountain Stones (FS) by hand at our production center in Brazil. Classic styles are available in various sizes and in assorted stone types. Typically we sell our fountains as complete sets to include pump with lamp, fountain bowl, Deco-Chips, etc. However, we also sell just the fountain stones (with or without sphere) individually as well. Drum and Container load quantities are also readily available F.O.B. Rio and we shall be glad to quote you our best container load prices. As with all our gemstone products, we provide flexible mix and match purchasing options along with quantity discounts. The pictures below do not include our entire fountain assortment. If you see a model you like, but not in the stone type you prefer, please contact us.
Gemstone Panels and Tiles
Mineral Days Exhibition, Munich Germany
Gemstone Tiles with Laser Etching Designs
"Woman Bathing" Laser Design on Granite Tiles
We produce and offer our illuminated Gemstone Panels
 as ambient lighting to the Wellness and Spas market 
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Natural Crystal Bath "Eucalyptus" Set
Natural Crystal Bath "Eucalyptus" Set


approx. 180g natural crystal salt granulate with eucalyptus oil

1 piece natural crystal bath sphere

Eucalyptus leaves

Organza Bag