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Our Sales Store in Germany
Dear Customers,

Please note we have relocated and have a new address, telephone and FAX numbers as follows:

Johann Egger OHG
Am Neubauernfeld 18
85456 Wartenberg, Gewerbegebiet Thenn

Tel. +49 (0) 8762 724720


Hans Santos Egger and the Egger Team

Business Hours of our Sales Store in Wartenberg, Germany:

opening times:

CLOSED on Monday

Tuesday Friday from 9 am until 6 pm

Saturday from 9 am until 5 pm
Registering in our Online Shop
Tips for Registering
1. We are a wholesale company catering to other businesses only and it should be noted that registration in our Online Shop is primarily for resellers / dealers. If you are a dealer / reseller, then we encourage you to register. If you are a private individual (end-consumer) you may still register, however you shall not be authorized to view our dealer prices and we request your understanding. We have dealers in several countries, so contact us and we shall be able to advise the contact details for the dealer closest to you.

2. We can not register you, you must register yourself. Once you have successfully registered, you shall be sent an email with an Activation Code. This email is automatically generated by our Online Shop system. After you receive your Activation Code, please proceed to our Online Shop and enter it accordingly to activate your User Profile.

Note: If you copy the Activation Code directly from the email sent to you, please take care not to highlight / include any extra characters, such as spaces. Highlight and copy only the character/numbers in the code. In this way, you avoid any errors when you paste it into the Authorization Code field upon logging into our Online Shop. If you experience problems entering your Activation Code, please close your Browser. Wait a few second, then proceed to our Online Shop and try again. If you continue to experience difficulty, please contact us.

3. Verifying your Reseller / Dealer Status. When you register in our Online Shop, we are notified by the system of your registration. We then ask you (via reply email) to send to us verification of your business as follows:

a. If your business is located in Germany, then we require a copy of your german Gewerbeschein (german business registration form).

b. If your business is located in a European Union (EU) country, then we require your EU Value Added Tax (VAT) ID Number, the address where your business was originally located (you may have moved your business since your filed) when you filed for your Tax ID and the name of the individual who filed / owns the business at your local tax / business office. Should you not possess an EU VAT Tax ID, you are then required to pay the 19% german sales tax.

c. If your business is located in any country outside the European Union of countries, then we require a copy of your business license to prove that you indeed have an established business.

You may send to us your documentation / information via email or via FAX either before or after you register in our Online Shop.

Help - I can not Log-in anymore !

The reason why you can not log in is because you either typed your User Name or Password incorrectly. Please note that if you keep attempting to Log-in, our Online Shop shall automatically deny you access. No need to panic though. If this happens, please close your Browser Window(s), wait a few seconds then return to our Online Shop and try again. This shall clear the "denied" status you experienced during the previous Log-in session. Should you continue to experience difficulties logging-in, please contact us.
Gemstone Panels and Tiles
Mineral Days Exhibition, Munich Germany
Gemstone Tiles with Laser Etching Designs
"Woman Bathing" Laser Design on Granite Tiles
We produce and offer our illuminated Gemstone Panels
 as ambient lighting to the Wellness and Spas market 
Our Contact Details:
Johann Egger OHG
Inh. Johann Egger
Am Neubauernfeld 18
85456 Wartenberg, Germany
Gewerbegebiet Thenn

Phone +49(0)8762-724720
Fax +49(0)8762-7247210
Our Sales Store
Our new hall
Natural Crystal Bath "Eucalyptus" Set
Natural Crystal Bath "Eucalyptus" Set


approx. 180g natural crystal salt granulate with eucalyptus oil

1 piece natural crystal bath sphere

Eucalyptus leaves

Organza Bag