General Terms and Conditions
Please take a short moment to familiarze yourself with our general Business Terms and Conditions.

Johann Egger OHG is producer and wholesale supplier of Minerals & Gemstone Products, having its location at:

Johann Egger OHG
Am Neubauernfeld 18
85456 Wartenberg, Germany

Contact Information: +49 (0)8762 - 724720

Monday closed

Tuesday - Friday, 9 am - 6 pm

Saturday, 9 am - 5 pm

Telephone: +49 (0)81762 - 724720 (workdays, Monday-Friday, 9am-5 pm)
German Value Added Tax (VAT) Number: DE 814 259 890

All Sales and Deliveries are in accordance with our general Business Terms and Conditions. These apply to all perspective business transactions, regardless if they have been formally agreed upon or not. Claims made by the Purchaser with reference to his own business and purchasing conditions are invalid. Exceptions from the following business conditions are only upheld if confirmed by us in writing.

We reserve the right to request a copy of your business license as verification and proof of business relationship/status.
A. per FAX
Our FAX - Order Number: +49 8762 7247210

B. per Telephone
You may contact our primary sales departments to place an Order:

+49 8762-72472-22 (Jewelry)

+49 8122-72472-30 (Minerals)

Workdays (Monday thru Friday) from 8 am until 5 pm
and Saturdays from 9 am until 5 pm

C. per E-Mail:
Order Submission / Placing an Order using our Online Shop Software
When submitting an Order, regardless of method, the Purchaser agrees to our Delivery and Payment conditions during the entire business transaction cycle.

Placing an Order using our Online Shop Software:

Once you have registered with our online Shop system, you may place an Order using our online Shop software. It should be noted that the processing (including invoicing and billing, payment, shipping advice, etc.) commences once your Order is received by our administrative staff. We do not use online payment services nor process payment transactions within our online Shop. Once you have submitted your Order, you shall receive a confirmation email regarding your online purchase. Our administrative staff shall then process and ready your Order shipment and advise accordingly.

Exceptions to our purchasing and/or payment conditions are only considered valid if approved by us in writing.
Prices and Payment Conditions
All prices are net prices, on Free-on-Board (F.O.B.) Wartenberg/Munich, Germany basis, excluding (when applicable) german sales tax.

German Value Added Tax (VAT) / Sales Tax:

Purchasers residing inside the European Union (EU) possessing a valid VAT-ID number are not required to pay German Sales Tax.

Purchasers residing outside the EU are not required to pay German Sales Tax, unless the purchase is made in person by the purchaser within the Federal Republic of Germany.

For Purchasers residing in Germany or other EU country and not possessing a VAT-ID, we must by german law add 19% german sales tax all prices and freight charges.
Minimum Order Amount Policy:

Within the Federal Republic of Germany:

The minimum Order amount is Euro 100.00, excluding shipping charge.

Within the European Union (EU) or Foreign Country Sales:

The minimum Order amount is Euro 200.00, excluding shipping charge.

Payment Policy:

ALL SALES MUST BE PREPAID IN ADVANCE via T/T (bank wire transfer) to our bank. No Collect on Delivery (C.O.D.) Sales.
Shipping / Shipping Rates
All shipping costs and associated costs, including import fees, handling fees, customs fees are the sole responsiblity of the Purchaser.

All shipped goods remain our property until the total amount of the invoice is paid by the purchaser.

We can ship via SEA, AIR or LAND (appropriately). We are partnered with DPD, DHL, SCHENKER INTERNATIONAL, UPS and FED-EX. Shipment of goods may also be sent via German Air Postal if weight of shipment is 20 Kg or less.

The Purchaser made designate to us a preferred mode of shipping / specific shipping agent. 

One of the reasons we do not process payments online is due to the myriad of shipping options and flucuating shipping rates. For EU and Foreign Sale Order Shipments, the shipping charge is, in general, directly proportional to the weight and delivery location of the Order.

Our primary shipping agent is DPD. DPD shall deliver a parcel up to 31.5 Kg. The following DPD shipping rates are provided for reference and information.

1. DPD Shipping Rate inside Germany:

up to 31.5 Kg for Euro 5.00 / parcel.

2. DPD Shipping Rates (subject to change without notice) for delivery within Belgium, Netherlands and Luxenburg:

up to 6 Kg: Euro 8.00
up to 8 Kg: Euro 9.00
up to 10 Kg: Euro 10.00
up to 12 Kg: Euro 11.00
up to 14 Kg: Euro 12.00
up to 16 Kg: Euro 13.00
up to 18 Kg: Euro 14.00
up to 20 Kg: Euro 15.00
up to 25 Kg: Euro 16.00
up to 31.5 Kg: Euro 17.00

3. DPD Shipping Rates (subject to change without notice) for delivery within Italy, France, Sweden and Spain:

up to 4 Kg: Euro 18.00
up to 6 Kg: Euro 19.00
up to 8 Kg: Euro 20.00
up to 10 Kg: Euro 21.00
up to 12 Kg: Euro 22.00
up to 14 Kg: Euro 23.00
up to 16 Kg: Euro 24.00
up to 18 Kg: Euro 25.00
up to 20 Kg: Euro 26.00
up to 25 Kg: Euro 27.00
up to 31.5 Kg: Euro 28.00

4. DPD Shipping Rates (subject to change without notice) for delivery within the Balkans, Finland, Ireland, Norway and Portugal:

up to 4 Kg: Euro 26.00
up to 6 Kg: Euro 27.00
up to 8 Kg: Euro 28.00
up to 10 Kg: Euro 29.00
up to 12 Kg: Euro 30.00
up to 14 Kg: Euro 31.00
up to 16 Kg: Euro 32.00
up to 18 Kg: Euro 33.00
up to 20 Kg: Euro 34.00
up to 25 Kg: Euro 35.00
up to 31.5 Kg: Euro 36.00

For all other Countries, we must first obtain a quotation from DPD or other shipping agent during the time of Order processing. In this case, we contact and clarify with the purchaser the shipping charge associated with the Order shipment before the shipment is dispatched.

Generally for shipments over 75 Kg, we recommend surface (road) transport via DHL, when feasible. For shipments over 250 Kg, we recommend Air Freight or Sea Freight.
Rejected / Defective Merchandise
Any defective merchandse should be returned to us along with a short letter of explanation of claim made by the purchaser within 1 week after delivery.
Return Policy
Our return policy is to give a full refund (less shipping fee) for item(s) returned within 5 days of receipt / after arrival at the delivery location.

Returned merchandise shall only be credited if it is unaltered, and with all packaging. For example, if you purchase rough stone and slice it, it may not be returned for credit nor replacement.

Any rejected merchandise (damaged or otherwise) by the purchaser must be made available to us for inspection by ourselves or insurance agent. To expedite such cases, we recommend for pictures of the rejected merchandise to be sent to us so that we may begin processing the claim in a timely manner. Rejected merchandise resulting from transport damage must be claimed with the applicable transport insurance company.

Merchandise should be returned to:

Johann Egger OHG
Returns Department
Am Neubauernfeld 18
85456 Wartenberg, Germany

Shipping charges associated with the return of merchandise is the responsiblity and at the risk of the purchaser, unless we determine otherwise.

Once the Merchandise is received and inspected, we shall either issue a credit note or send a replacement at the discretion of the Purchaser, and confirming to the purchaser accordingly.
Wir versichern Ihnen, daß wir Ihre Daten ausschließlich zur Bearbeitung und Abwicklung Ihrer Aufträge speichern und nutzen. Keinesfalls werden Ihre Daten an Dritte weitergegeben oder zugänglich gemacht, die nicht in den eigentlichen Geschäftsablauf integriert sind. Unsere Datenschutzpraxis steht im Einklang mit dem Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG) sowie dem Teledienstdatenschutzgesetz (TDDSG).
Unsere Angebote gelten vorbehaltlich Selbstbelieferung. Farb- und Qualitätsabweichungen und technische Abweichungen der Produkte zu unseren Abbildungen und Angeboten sind möglich. Wir sind um eine bestmögliche Darstellung und Beschreibung der Produkte bemüht, doch leider lassen sich nicht alle Details des Produktes darstellen. Weitere Informationen können Sie gerne von unserem Egger Team erhalten.
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Gemstone Panels and Tiles
Mineral Days Exhibition, Munich Germany
Gemstone Tiles with Laser Etching Designs
"Woman Bathing" Laser Design on Granite Tiles
We produce and offer our illuminated Gemstone Panels
 as ambient lighting to the Wellness and Spas market 
Our Contact Details:
Johann Egger OHG
Inh. Johann Egger
Am Neubauernfeld 18
85456 Wartenberg, Germany
Gewerbegebiet Thenn

Phone +49(0)8762-724720
Fax +49(0)8762-7247210
Our Sales Store
Our new hall
Natural Crystal Bath "Eucalyptus" Set
Natural Crystal Bath "Eucalyptus" Set


approx. 180g natural crystal salt granulate with eucalyptus oil

1 piece natural crystal bath sphere

Eucalyptus leaves

Organza Bag