Spa und Wellness Building and Design Gemstone Materials
The trend in using natural crystals in building and design continues to be popular worldwide, particularly in the areas of Wellness and Spas.

Rock Crystal Flooring for Spas and Wellness Centers
Rock Crystal Flooring for Spas and Wellness Centers

Energize your rooms with the natural and consistent frequencies of over 250 million years worth of GEO-CHEMICAL mineral crystal information. The steady oscillations of the earths natural Mineral Crystals (such as Rock Crystal) help to replenish and stengthen the natural frequencies generated by our own biomolecules and microcrystalline structures.

As we become older, our natural bodily frequencies tend to degrade and decay. Over time it becomes harder and harder for the body to maintain these natural frequency patterns. However, the oscillations inherent in natural mineral crystals are stable and can retain their natural frequencies over time. In the field of electronics, Quartz crystals are used because they have very desirable characteristics when used in tuned oscillator circuits, since their natural oscillation frequencies are very stable. Regular exposure to these natural, steady frequencies can help to tone and keep our own bodily frequencies better in tact.

We offer mosaic and polygonal Rock Crystal Flooring in assorted sizes having a typical thickness of 12 mm.

The surface is unpolished, slip-proof and may be illuminated.
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Rock Crystal Energy Steam Room
Rock Crystal Energy Steam Room

A Rock Crystal Energy Steam Room provides the body, mind and soul with excellent holistics. A crystal steambath comprises two of nature"s best resources for an enhanced feeling of wellness - namely water (hot steam) and rock (quartz) crystal. One should not forget that natural Rock Crystal is formed deep within the hydrothermal (hot water) veins beneath the surface of the earth, so it has a very special relationship with water to begin with. In addition, Rock (Quartz) Crystal can generate beneficial infrared light rays of 8-14 micron and a magnetic field, which the human body also naturally emits. When heated, the rock crystal stimulates the body"s circulation and relaxes the human nervous system, reducing stress and tiredness. The combination of steam with crystal also has a postive effect of ionizing the skin -- making it feel smoother.

Suggested Materials:

-Rock Crystal flooring, 12 mm stark
-Wood Basket with 60 KG Rock Crystal Chips
-Rock Crystal Wall Panels
-Rock Crystal Points and Clusters in assorted sizes
-Rock Crystal Energy Bed filled with Rock Crystal Tumbled Stones
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Chakra Regeneration Room
The Chakra Regeneration Room

The Chakra Regeneration Room is our latest conceptional design for Wellness & Spas, bringing light, sound, smell to the senses. A central circle is segmented by eight Chakra Beds (approx. 8 meters in diameter) filled with 8 assorted Gemstones to match the Chakra color spectrum. These include red jasper, carnelian, yellow calcite, green aventurine, blue calcite, sodalite, amethyst and additionally, black tourmaline (the bio-stone). Rock Crystal is filled in the middle of the circle to represent visible light, emitting the primary color spectrum. Optionally, black tourmaline tumbled stones may be placed around the outer circle to denote absorbance of all color frequencies. A person lays in each segment for approx. 5 minutes to strengthen their personal color band frequencies (Chakras). A water hose is used to rinse the stones after each lay for hygenal purposes. Underneath each Chakra segment of tumbled Gemstones is a grid for water drainage.

Optional illuminated Gemstone Panels made of Rock Crystal and panels made with black tourmaline tumbled Quartz round out the Chakra Regeneration Room.

We also supply a wide variety of many other crystal products to complete your requirements and expectations.
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Rock (Quartz) Crystal Energy Bed
Rock (Quartz) Crystal Energy Bed

Rock (Quartz) Crystal holds and produces a flow of energy. In the case where quartz is not connected into an electrical circuit, then the energy is dissipated via dialectical resonance into the local environment. The internal atoms of the crystal are bonded to each other by their valance electrons. However in the case of the atoms at the crystal’s surface, three electrons of each atom are not bonded to anything. These electrons are orphans and they generate an electrical potential, creating a dielectric tension and causing resonant turbulence within the crystal. Therefore, Rock (Quartz) Crystal transmits resonant frequency energy to the environment / individual.

The Energy Bed is filled with 400 Kg of Mini Rock Crystal Tumbled Stones and allows the entire body to absorb Quartz Crystal energy while laying down.


Length: 200 cm
Width: 80 cm
Height: 15 cm
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Quartzite Paving VICENZO
An elegant floor paving for both indoors and outdoors.
Quartzite Paving VICENZO

Natural Quartzite offers wonderful optics and can be used as flooring or decorative walling covering.

Deliverable in assorted sizes.

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Quartzite Sao Tome Yellow
Deliverable as Tiles and Polygonal Slabs in assorted sizes.
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Natural Crystal Salt Bricks
Natural Crystal Salt Bricks

Size: approx. 20 x 10 x 4 cm

For use in building Salt Rooms to serve as a natural Ionizer in Wellness and Spa establishments.

Natural Crystal Salt Bricks
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Massive Natural Crystal Salt Boulders
Massive Natural Crystal Salt Boulders

Weight: approx. 150 to 300 Kg / piece
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Gemstone Panels and Tiles
Mineral Days Exhibition, Munich Germany
Gemstone Tiles with Laser Etching Designs
"Woman Bathing" Laser Design on Granite Tiles
We produce and offer our illuminated Gemstone Panels
 as ambient lighting to the Wellness and Spas market 
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Natural Crystal Bath "Eucalyptus" Set
Natural Crystal Bath "Eucalyptus" Set


approx. 180g natural crystal salt granulate with eucalyptus oil

1 piece natural crystal bath sphere

Eucalyptus leaves

Organza Bag